Alhamra Unplugged

Alhamra Unplugged Season 1 is a musical platform for talented Vocalists and Musicians. After other platforms like Coke Studio, Nescafe Basement, The Floor etc, Government of Pakistan has taken step to initiate the project "Alhamra Unplugged Season 1". This project is going on under the supervision of Alhamra Arts Council – Lahore. Artists of Season 1 are young and belongs to different School, College and Universities.

Alhamra Unplugged is an initiative taken by the Executive Director, Lahore Arts Council,Lahore.

Abubakar Javed is the founder of this project. After completing his education from Berklee College of Music, United States, he initiated Alhamra Unplugged Season 1 in August 2015. He is the Mentor and Director of this project. He is also a Vocalist and Musician and he is able to play more than 20 Musical instruments.

Its Auditions were held in Alhamra Arts Council, Kinnaird College, University of Lahore and F.C College. More than 500 contestants participated and only 22 Artists were selected. Artists include Justin Girls, Grandson of Ustad Tafu, Pakistan Idol Contestant, Rahat Fateh Ali khan’s student, female vocalist of Pakistani movie, Naqsh Band, LUMS Olympiad winner.  Season 1 contains 8 songs and it will be on aired in Feb 2016.                            



Alhamra Unplugged Season-1 Launching Ceremony Alhamra Unplugged at Sound cloud


Alhamra Unplugged Season-1 Video's