LAC plays role in promoting performing arts

LAHORE:Lahore Arts Council’s (LAC) prime goal is to restore our colourful culture and spirit of performing arts by bringing them together from, painting, music, dance vocalists and acting on one platform. LAC has decided to do all possible things for revival, promotion and progress of performing arts, said Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Ather Ali.

“More than 500 students and around 100 students of painting and drawing are attending classes at Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts where Alhamra’s teachers polish their God gifted ability of painting, singing, dancing and different instruments. Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts is proved truly productive as lots of people, especially our youth took part in these classes and get groomed their personalities under the supervision of our highly professional teachers.

The basic purpose of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts is to promote cultural activities for our youth. He enlightened that Alhamra because of its never ending efforts in the field of arts is now considered as one of the finest institution of culture in the country and we will keep on prospering. There are almost fourteen ongoing classes with more than 500 students who are getting training from Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts. The classes include drama, acting, painting, music, dance, singing, guitar, sitar and tabla. All these classes are conducted by highly professional teachers, he added.

Thursday, October 10, 2019