Art Gallery

The Arts Gallery extends over an area of about 11,000 sqft and is used for exhibition of art works for solo as well as group shows. It is divided into four parts and provided to artists free of charges. From the year 1998 it was decided to have painting or 10% of the commission from the artists mounting solo exhibitions. The Arts Gallery is really a remarkable facility for the artist community and has gone a long way in the promotion of fine arts. Quite a few artists from all over the country have exhibited their work. It encourages the younger generation in art education and attracts public appreciation. Consequently, there develops a market for the art works and people interested in arts under international standards exchange programs, with Federal Government, many exhibitions of arts, sculpture, architecture and handicrafts are held which provide ample opportunities to the local artists to see standard of work in the world. In addition to national exhibitions of paintings and groups including solo shows help a lot in projecting and promoting the discipline. Alhamra Art Gallery, located at a central place in the city and being offered without charges is a big credit to the Punjab Government who finances the Arts Council for all purposes.