LAC presets cheque to Amanullah

LAHORE   -   Alhamra Arts Council Executive Director Athar Ali Khan along with Arts and Culture Director Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi visited the internationally recognised comedian Amanullah Khan who is undergoing treatment at his residence in Lahore on Saturday.

Renowned actor Amanullah Khan nowadays is suffering from health issues and also having financial trouble due to his illness. Executive Director Athar Ali Khan presented him a cheque and said that Alhamra is continuously striving to bring back and support the iconic faces that have entertained the audience for decades. Khan further said that Amanullah cannot be forgotten because of his mesmerizing performances. Amanullah is an important reference in the world of comedy and a true identity of Pakistan. Khan recognised the services of Amanullah and prayed for his early recovery. During the visit, Amanullah thanked the executive director of the Lahore Arts Council and said “as long as we have people like Athar Ali Khan, our cultural heritage is in safe hands”.

Sunday, September 22, 2019